Thursday, September 13, 2007

ALOE VERA –The Nature’s Silent healer

Aloe Vera has a long history as a most natural, safe and effective medicine. Legend says that it was the desire for Aloe plants that caused Alexander the Great to conquer the island of Socotra, where Aloe was cultivated in the fourth century B.C. In Africa, hunters sometimes would rub Aloe juice on their bodies to reduce sweating and to mask human scent. In India, it has been used by herbalists to treat intestinal infections, suppressed menses, and colic.
Aloe is one of the easiest house plants to grow. Modern technology now offers Aloe Vera in a variety of forms, from the fresh juice to an array of concentrates that make Aloe Vera convenient to use as a daily tonic.
Muscle pain and pain in the joints occurring because of arthritis can be alleviated by the application of Aloe Vera gels or sprays. In fact if it is used regularly, it can actually help to regress arthritis. It is considered to be the best remedy for joint pains.

Aloe Vera is a stimulant to the immune system, a powerful anti –inflammatory, an analgesic. Rheumatic arthritis is a painful, debilitating condition. It manifests itself as stiff, swollen joints with varying degrees of associated pain caused partly due to nerve damage and partly by the pressure of the swollen area. Conventional treatment includes use of anti-inflammatory drugs and steroids, typically cortisone injections or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. These certainly can ease the painful side-effects but unfortunately do not repair damaged tissues. There can also be undesirable side-effects, particularly thinning of the skin and osteoporosis. Repairing damaged tissue by regenerating cells is a function at which Aloe Vera has been shown to be most successful. It not only relives the painful symptoms but also helps to disperse damaged tissue – a type of detoxification process. Aloe Vera may be taken both internally as a juice or as a gel applied to the painful joint. Here aloe vera’s deep penetration will show benefit. The degree of success with this treatment varies from person to person.
The most important fact that must be remembered about Aloe Vera is that it has no known side – effects. It is known as a “First Aid Plant” throughout the world.

Aloe Vera juice has many benefits to the human body. It has natural healing and detoxifying powers and works gently within the intestinal tract thus helping to cleanse the bowel. It can help to ease constipation and prevent continuing diarrhea (setting regularity to the bowel). All this helps to reduce discomfort and bloating. As these symptoms are eased so the stress related to it is also reduced.
It also contains anti inflammatory fatty acids –compersterol and B - sitosterol. B- sitosterol , a powerful anti –cholesteromatic , helping to lower the harmful cholesterol levels thus acting as a boon to various heart patients .

Regular consumption of a dose of Aloe Vera juice can improve and maintain the feeling of well-being and quality of life. Nevertheless, it must be stressed that professional medical advice should always be sought at the earliest possible stage for abdominal problems and pains.

Aloe Vera is one of the oldest plants known to man and holds the highest level of their interest. Today there are more than 500 aloe producing industries getting established and thus heading towards a mini revolution. However there is no scientific evidence to prove the use of aloe vera as a substitute of a standard medical treatment. Further research is being carried out on these issues. But till then we can have the aloe juice as healthy drink and part of our balanced diet.